“Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee House and Country Store” in Wylie, TX

"I miss Mayberry, sitting on the porch drinking iced cold" coffee... If the beloved and tweaked lyrics above of the classic Rascal Flatts' song describes you, "Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee" was truly made for you! If you haven't made it out to Downtown Wylie, you really need to. This was personally my first time out... Continue Reading →


“Ground Up” in Celina ,TX

I've got an embarrassing story for you, I've been lost in Celina, Texas before for over an hour. I know this probably doesn't seem too embarrassing, if you're thinking that then you don't know much about Celina. (That's okay, I don't either!) But what I do know, from being there multiple times, is that it... Continue Reading →

“Momentum Coffee” in Spring, TX

Disco dance parties in the bathroom!! Something I love is when our fans get involved in our adventures and suggest amazing places for us to go and visit! I was in College Station for a little bit, so one day after work my friend, Lauren, and I took a little excursion to Houston. Why not?!... Continue Reading →

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