Coffee, Coffee, Coffee Cake

What a pair, enough to share! I absolutely love eating something sweet with my coffee. I work at a bakery so I am always surrounded by plenty of amazing things to eat that are full of sugar. It's hard to get muffins or coffee cake at coffee shops because they are sometimes pricey and probably... Continue Reading →


“Crave” in The Woodlands, TX

Being right outside of Houston, The Woodlands is not a very far drive from College Station (around 1 hour and 20 minutes) and is known to be a unique and lovely place. Just as the name implies, The Woodlands is full of large and breathtaking trees everywhere you turn. They are truly everywhere! When you drive down a street in the Woodlands there are thick trees on either side of you, which is something that you obviously do not see everywhere you go. The grocery stores, gas stations, and stores are tucked away out of sight as you drive down the road.

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