“Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee House and Country Store” in Wylie, TX

"I miss Mayberry, sitting on the porch drinking iced cold" coffee... If the beloved and tweaked lyrics above of the classic Rascal Flatts' song describes you, "Shoemaker & Hardt Coffee" was truly made for you! If you haven't made it out to Downtown Wylie, you really need to. This was personally my first time out... Continue Reading →


“Tout Suite” in Downtown Houston, TX

"A musical morsel supreme! Toot Sweets! Toot Sweets! The candy you whistle, the whistle you eat." Am I the only one that gets the "Toot Sweets" song from the classic and incredible movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when they read the name of this coffee shop? It is not spelled exactly the same, but it... Continue Reading →

“CJ’s Coffee Cafe” in Denison, TX

Downtowns and coffee, coffee, coffee... I'm not sure if you have yet noticed, but I absolutely love downtowns. I love the old buildings and I love the creativity that goes into renovating the spaces and creating them into something spectacular and special. ¬†Downtown Dension was very sweet and I loved all of the cute buildings,... Continue Reading →

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