SURPRISE!! We have some incredibly exciting news to share with y'all! We are stoked to announce that we now have our very own website and domain! You no longer will have to type in a website through WordPress to access our posts and follow our adventures. Head on over to (woah, isn't that so... Continue Reading →


“Dunn Brothers Coffee” Addison, TX

Addison is only about twenty minutes north of Dallas on the Dallas North Tollway. We happened to be in the area and I had heard of "Dunn Brothers Coffee" before, I can't remember how I heard about the shop or who from, but I was super excited to try it out! The very first thing... Continue Reading →

Texan Traveler

I believe that Texans are many things. Texans are compassionate and care for their neighbors. Texans are hard workers and aren't easy to give up. And Texans are adventurous and have a spirit of curiosity that is untamed. This adventurous spirit within us causes us, as Texans, to be explorers. Like the generations and generations... Continue Reading →

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