“Coffee N Cream” in Frisco, TX

"Would you like a little bit of coffee with your cream?" Have you heard of that saying before? It always cracks me up because we all know THAT person. That person who claims to love coffee but fills more than half of their cup up with cream. As funny as I think that saying is,... Continue Reading →


Coffee, Coffee, Coffee Cake

What a pair, enough to share! I absolutely love eating something sweet with my coffee. I work at a bakery so I am always surrounded by plenty of amazing things to eat that are full of sugar. It's hard to get muffins or coffee cake at coffee shops because they are sometimes pricey and probably... Continue Reading →

“The Village” in Downtown Bryan, TX

It's all about atmosphere. "The Village" is different than many of the coffeeshops that we normally visit and write about. Different isn't always a bad thing, and in this case it's definitely not. "The Village" is a casual cafe that also has alcoholic beverages and a full coffee menu. I really like this shop because... Continue Reading →

“Ground Up” in Celina ,TX

I've got an embarrassing story for you, I've been lost in Celina, Texas before for over an hour. I know this probably doesn't seem too embarrassing, if you're thinking that then you don't know much about Celina. (That's okay, I don't either!) But what I do know, from being there multiple times, is that it... Continue Reading →

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