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I believe that Texans are many things. Texans are compassionate and care for their neighbors. Texans are hard workers and aren’t easy to give up. And Texans are adventurous and have a spirit of curiosity that is untamed. This adventurous spirit within us causes us, as Texans, to be explorers. Like the generations and generations of Texans before us, we want to see wonderful and wild things we have never laid eyes on before. This makes us travelers. As Texans, we love our state and have a strong and undeniable respect for it. We know Texas truly has it all, but what kind of people would we be if we stayed within the walls of our state forever. Visiting and exploring places is in our blood and we must go. But when we do go, we always know where we’ll be coming back to. Texans know the big blue open sky is waiting for us and will be there when we return home. That being said, I am ecstatic to announce a new and exciting segment for our blog. While our main agenda will be the same, highlighting wonderful Texas towns and coffee shops, we are adding another segment to the mix. Since we are adventurous Texans, when we go out of the state we continue our passion of finding unique and cool coffee houses. As you may believe by now it is incredibly hard for me to not go to a new coffee shop and not have my wheels turning to write a post about it. It’s basically impossible at this point not to. We talked it over and decided that featuring cute coffee shops out of Texas from time to time when we do venture out of our beloved state wouldn’t take anything away from our mission and purpose; it would actually add to it! The new feature will actually be able to serve our fellow adventurous Texans trying to find delicious and unique coffee shops out of the state when they are traveling. If you’re reading this and you are not Texan please do not stop reading! I want you to feel as involved and apart of this as the rest of us. You have pride in your state, province, or county, so celebrate it! You can do this by doing exactly what we are doing in the “Coffee Over Tejas” community, and that is supporting our state and local coffee shops and igniting a spirit of adventure with our loved ones. Follow our journeys and may they spark new and incredible journeys of your own!


We are actually in a state we have yet to travel to before, North Carolina. It is an extremely gorgeous state, the mountains, the fresh crisp air all make it an absolutely wonderful place to visit. As of late, our dad has had deep interest in going to the Biltmore Estate. The Biltmore Estate is a mansion in Asheville, honestly to me it seems like a castle, in the beautiful hills and mountains of North Carolina. The Biltmore was finished in 1895 and is the largest privately owned estate in America with 35 bedrooms and 43 bathrooms. The house belonged to George Washington Vanderbilt and still belongs to the family today. The estate has much more to offer than just the house to venture around in. The estate has fine dining, shops, inns to stay in, a winery, stables, breathtaking gardens, and jaw dropping views. The Biltmore house itself is a stunner, a true unique beauty. I honestly thought that it belonged in a princess movie because to me it seemed to be a majestic castle. As if the lovely home and views couldn’t get better, there was a charming little coffee shop in the stable section right beside the house. What once was the stables for the wealthy family is now occupied by sweet little shops, and scrumptious restaurant, and some other food vendors. I had heard good things about the coffee shop from my friend, Jessica Kiley, that visited the Biltmore Estate before. I was extremely excited to try it! I was sad to see that the shop was just a grab and go; there was no seating available in the shop. Fortunately that was not a big deal because there was an abundance of outdoor chairs and tables in the courtyard area right outside of the shop. The weather was pretty much perfection so sitting outside was a must anyway. When in the coffee shop I was pleased to see that the Biltmore has a signature roast. What pleased me even more was that the roast is 100% organic and fair trade certified. The coffee they use is from the mountains of Honduras and it is roasted in batches of small numbers exclusively for the Biltmore. You can truly only have this coffee when at the Estate. Madison, Kaylee and I all ordered the signature brew iced with a tiny bit of our favorite hazelnut syrup. We all absolutely adored the blend and were very pleased with it. The coffee had a rich flavor that was not too much on the heavy side. It was light and refreshing on a beautiful but slightly warm day.


IMG_5652IMG_8577IMG_0788FullSizeRender 28

If you have yet to make it out to breathe in the fresh North Carolina air you definitely  should at one point or another. Visiting the Biltmore was a delight and their signature brew was fantastic. Texas is home and always will be, but the adventure in North Carolina was full of memories and good times! Let us know what you think about having the “Texan Travelers” featured segments from time to time when we leave the state. We would love to hear your feedback!

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Madison Boykin

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