“Starwood” in Adriatica (McKinney, TX)

I feel like cute breakfast and lunch places are totally the “in” thing at the moment. There is a place in College Station that you literally have to wait over an hour to eat at every weekend; it is absolutely crazy. With this restaurant concept being all the craze right now, it was definitely our cue to join in on the action. Our good friends who we have been on fun adventures with before, Montanna and Riley, recommended a delicious new breakfast and lunch restaurant in Adriatica. Adriatica is a lovely little village that is supposed to resemble that of a Croatian Village. It is unlike anything I had ever seen before until they started building it years ago only a short drive from our home in McKinney. The village is not finished yet, but once it is, the goal is for it to be an entirely self sufficient community. I believe the goal is that if you live in Adriatica you have everything you “need” in the village without having to leave unless you want to. It is a definitely a neat concept that is pretty out of the box. We visit Adriatica on a daily basis and it is my most favorite place in the world to go on bike rides.


I was not planning on doing a blog post about Starwood because I thought that is was simply a breakfast and lunch restaurant. Like many times in the past, my expectations were incorrect. The charming space indeed was a restaurant, but there was also a coffee counter when you walk in on the right side of the space. You could actually just come in and go to the coffee bar if you wanted to. I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised by this. They have wonderful craft coffee, not just a pot of black coffee that most breakfast places have, and that was a beautiful surprise. The coffee is not the only thing that surprised me about “Starwood”. The interior of “Starwood” was so comfortable and simply stylish. The style in the shop was simple but oh so cute. The light grey walls with the brick wall paper on the lower half of the wall really did it for me. The neutral colors made the turquoise and wood chairs pop as well as the bright and fun decorations and wall accent pieces. I love fun pops of color that are not overwhelming. One of my favorite things is when shops embrace the community in which they are placed in. There is a cute piece in the shop that displays some vintage and historical photos of McKinney. Embracing history and culture of a town is something I am totally supportive of. Some of my favorite pieces in the shop include a sweet picture of a bicycle, especially since that is one of my favorite places to bike, and the neatest chandelier right as you walk in. The chandelier is such a spectacular spectacle as you walk in. There are different colorful and fun mugs hanging from the different layers. I have yet to see a light fixture so original and creative to totally embrace coffee. It is such a cute piece and it definitely made an impression on me. The coffee bar is also extremely tastefully decorated with bright pops of color without being “too much”.


I was pretty excited when I learned that I could have some incredible craft coffee with my delicious breakfast (which was also incredible, by the way). “Starwood” uses “Segafredo Zanetti” coffee roasters, the leading expresso producer in Italy and around the world. That is pretty impressive! I ordered the nitrogen cold brew and it was excellent. It was incredibly strong, as nitrogen cold brews are, and very satisfying. The drink did not make me crave water or feel dehydrated and the caffeine hit me fast so I was ready to start my busy day. Both Madison and Kaylee ordered the iced coffee with hazelnut and cream, our go-to drink, and they thought it was incredible. Since that is our favorite go-to drink it is safe to say that we have tried many of them in our time, but this one was extremely delicious and they said they would order it again. Montanna and Rylie both ordered the normal hot coffee and they were both fans as well. They did not even need to put creamer in it, and that is really saying something. I was not expecting a restaurant to have such excellent java and I was really impressed. “Starwood” is a wonderful coffee bar and a restaurant, what gets better than that?!


I urge you to swing over to McKinney, Texas, and explore the charming village of Adriatica. It is unlike anywhere else you have ever been; I can assure you of that. When you happen to stop by, make sure you swing over to “Starwood” and grab an incredible cup of “Segafredo Zanetti” joe.

purple heart, Allie Boykin

Photos by Montanna Christoffersen and Madison Boykin

Explore McKinney’s Adriatica:





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